chasing the sun

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and it all became so real.  I arrived in Madrid about 36 hours ago and it’s been such a wonderful whirlwind of an adventure.  Too much has happened so I’ll summarize the main points.

Sunday 8/30 cabin door closes to aircraft and no one is sitting next to me.  WIN

Monday 8/31 I arrive in Madrid and check into my adorable B&B right on the Gran Vía. All I can say is that I didn’t trip carrying all my bags and thank goodness there was an elevator to my hotel on the 8th floor! My friend, Alex, and I walk around Madrid and hit all the sights, Palacio Real, Plaza del Sol, Mercado de San Miguel, and Plaza Mayor.  I was completely in awe of seeing all these incredible sights for the first time.  I’m so happy to see things that I’ve looked at in textbooks all my life finally in person.  Other important life events include obtaining a spanish phone number and data package.  How crazy is it that about 15 euros a month will get me almost more that I use in the US and have to pay 50$?! I love it here

Tuesday 9/1 I made some appointments to look at apartments in Torrijos where I will be teaching.  First one=LOVE.  Got it! I totally forgot to take pictures but will take some when I officially move all my stuff over there.  It’s a super cute little flat with one bedroom, bath, kitchen and living room complete with all furniture.  It’s right across from the school where I’ll be teaching and near all the amenities (grocery, shopping, bar, etc.) Big shoutout to my spanish house words vocabulary list from high school, although I have a few more to add.  Very excited to now officially have a place to live and call home!

It’s absolutely amazing here and I love the city of Madrid, so much to do all the time.  Oh I could go on and on with a list of things I already love about Spain but I’ll save that for another time.


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