5 things Spain is doing right

Awhile ago I posted about some things that I missed about America.  This is the follow-up post talking about some things that the US could learn from Spain.

  1. Jamon.  Need I say more?! Rumor is that God didn’t rest on the 7th day, he created jamon Serrano.
  2. Walking.  Everywhere. This is why everyone in this country is so skinny. It helps that I live in a small town and I walk to every one of my private classes, but I average 8 miles a day.
  3. Commercial breaks during television. They don’t occur every five minutes or every change of scene; however you will have a 5 minute break halfway through the show. It’s the perfect break during a show to run to the bathroom or grab an ice cream from the freezer.
  4. Dryer racks in the cabinets. I don’t mind washing the dishes but I really dislike drying the dishes. Spain genius engineers have designed cabinets above the sink where you leave the dishes to dry on their own. I guess we don’t need this in the US if we have dishwashers, but it’s one of my favorite things about my apartment.


And possibly the most ironic thing about this country is the division between old and new; modern and old-fashioned. This is best demonstrated through chip-pin-credit cards and bank books.

  1. Europe is more advanced than the US with their credit cards. Every card here is chip-pin, which means that you insert your card in a machine and enter your pin. Cards like these are now just being introduced into the US. On the contrary, when I go to the bank to make a deposit or transfer money for rent, I have to present my bank book. It’s a little book that tracks all the transactions from my account. Also there is one man who works at my bank. ONE MAN. Talk about old fashioned-he knows me by name when I walk in. Now that’s customer service.

bank book

So, there’s a glimpse into my simple happy Spanish life. Come on over and visit anytime


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