London Trilogy: Part I

I went to London in January.  A three day trip deserves a three part blog.  

PART I: Harry Potter Heaven

Perhaps my excitement and anticipation for this day has been building since my Grandpa took me to see the first Harry Potter film in theaters at the 10:00pm show, because midnight was past both of our bedtimes. I know that I still have the ticket stub hanging on my builtin board back at home.  🙂  But I’ve always been in love with Harry Potter and the magic that it provides for both children and adults alike.


Day 1: I arrive in London Stansted: the budget airline airport, took the train to the center of the city and met up with my sister. YES, MY SISTER-woohoo. It was honestly one of the coolest things to meet up with my sister in another country, that’s what I absolutely love about traveling. After a quick breakfast and dropping my bag off in her hotel room, I headed out to do some exploring. Another positive thing about having my sister in London–she was staying at a 4star hotel, and I can tell you my assistant teacher budget will never permit me to see the inside of another 4 star hotel. Wow, clean sheets every morning and more importantly that I don’t have to put them on myself is always a nice treat. After lunch I boarded the Harry Potter bus on my voyage to the mothership. The studio where they filmed the movies is in Leavesden, about an hour and a half outside of London.


It’s a self-guided tour and you can add the audio option with the really attractive headphones. Of course, I did that to get the full experience and soak up as much as I possibly could. We saw the sets that they used in the film including; the cupboard under the stairs, the Great Hall, the Gryffindor dormitory, Hagrid’s Hut, and more. It was incredible to say the least! The detail is absolutely astonishing and I can’t even fathom the amount of time that was spent on these giant works of art. Every hairpiece, every costume and all the props were displayed. Spoiler alert: Daniel Radcliff is very short and I’m fairly confident he wears a smaller pant size than I do.


*my wish was that those people wouldn’t be in my photo*

You can easily loose yourself as you are completely absorbed by everything around you. You can board the Hogwarts Express, drink a Butterbeer, walk through Diagon Alley and visit Olivander’s to get your very own wand. The Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio could be it’s own little city and it’s completely mesmerizing. It was a dream come true to see my favorite fictional place become a reality. A London must-do if you are a true HP fan.



unfortunately this isn’t life size, but it’s still pretty cool


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