Passport to Paris

I had joked with my friends that I wanted to do everything that Mary Kate and Ashley did in their film: Passport to Paris, and I think we might have actually done more. .. Actually quite confident because over this 90min film, nothing really happens except that the movie was filmed in Paris.

Friday morning airport arrival, train to city center, metro to 13th district where we were staying. Drop bags off, and head out to eat lunch. We spontaneously decide to take a bike tour and 16 metro stops later we greeted a woman on a bike with a flag outside the metro. We asked if it was too late, and she replied no. So we got our bikes and our rain ponchos because there was a haunting dark cloud above us. We first saw the Military Academy where Napoleon trained. Then we biked around and saw some of the different districts. Fun fact: each district has to hold an outdoor market twice a week. A few rain drops later, we rode past a church that one of the King Louis to use, it might have been the sun King. Some other famous places we saw: the Place de la Concorde: where King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were executed, the Lourve, Musee d’Orsay, and the final destination: Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower was built as the entrance for the 1889 World’s Fair. Shortly after realizing they didn’t budget correctly, Paris asked Mr. Eiffel for some extra cash money. He provided with the condition that it would remain under his ownership for 20 years in order to gain his money back. He sold tickets to the top and made his money back in 6 months. (Now where does the money go?!) This is one of the sights that has really taken my breath away in Europe. Pictures really do not do it justice. We rode the elevator to the top to get a birds eye view of Paris. From the top we could see the entire city. Breathtaking #blessed.


Day 2

The Lourve. Because this building was originally a fortress with over 8.5 miles of corridors, we allotted ourselves a few hours to see the masterpieces. Now, I am not the biggest art aficionado but how could I go to Paris and not see the Mona Lisa? Spoiler: its small. Like really small.   We saw some of the sculptures and some other famous pieces before we were completely exhausted and needed lunch. Lunch. Walking past the Opera Building where The Phantom of the Opera was filmed, and crepes. Ohh I’ve been day dreaming of crepes. We walked past Notre Dame. As it started to rain, we got the brilliant idea to enter the church to escape the rain, however every other tourist had the same idea and the line extended outside. Next. We arrived to Musee d’Orsay exactly one minute after the last tickets were sold. Bummer. We metro-ed to Champs-Elysées, realized we didn’t have enough money to actually shop at Cartier, Louis Vitton, and Hermés. Then we saw the Arc de Triomphe. We went to Montmartre to see Sacré Coeur and walked around the adorable neighborhood. We waited to get into a super cool and Trip Advisor approved fondue restaurant. Coolest thing about the restaurant: baby bottle wine. LOL


Sunday was a rainy day full of travel back to Torrijos to prepare things for school and another weekend trip.  I can’t wait to return again!


2 thoughts on “Passport to Paris

  1. GRANDPA says:

    Dear Gabrielle. We just enjoyed Paris with you. You never miss a beat or just keep going. Valencia was interesting; it”s like a geography class of Spain trailing along with you and we love it! Thank you,with our love, Grandma & Grandpa


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