Cultural Córdoba

History. Architecture. Weather. Córdoba is a triple threat.


It’s located in the autonomous community of Andalucía in the south of Spain. It’s got the Mediterranean climate with lots of sun and good temperatures year round. I visited in January and it was around 60 degrees and sunny. Perfect.

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Mosque Cathedral of Córdoba

The site was originally a small Christian Visigoth temple. After Muslim conquest in 711, the church was divided into Muslim and Christian halves. In 784 Emir Abd al-Rahman I bought the Christian half, demolished it, and built the grand mosque. Córdoba returned to Christian rule in 1236 during the Reconquista and it was converted to a Roman Catholic church by inserting a cathedral nave in the 16th century.


Alcazar de los reyes cristianos of Córdoba

Alcazar has Arabic origins and means Palace.

During Muslim rule this was the Palace for the Caliphate of Córdoba. It’s a palace complete with horse stables, gardens, baths, and of course, plenty of bedrooms.

After the Reconquista fast-forward a few couple hundred years, this fortress served as one of the primary homes for Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. (Yes, the same king and queen that sent Christopher Columbus to America)

In 1821, the Alcázar became a prison, before becoming a tourist attraction in the 1950’s.



A brief history, summarized from Wikipedia. 😉

Romans were one of the first civilizations that occupied Cordoba. Thus the roman aqueduct bridge. Then the Moors took it over in 711. It was the capital of al-aldalus. (Hence how the Spanish get the word Andalucía-it’s a derivation from Arabic). Finally during the Reconquista, King Ferdinand III of Castile captured Cordoba in June 1236.


ancient Roman ruins

Other things:

Calleja de las Flores is a famous alleyway because of the great view of a classic Spanish street and a beautiful view of the cathedral. Also in the May, there is a festival called Festival de los Patios. This is where Spanish residents take great care to their balcony and plant lots of flowers. There is a contest to see who has the most beautifully decorated patio.




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