Spontaneous Spain Trip number #5…I’ve actually lost count of the amount of times on a Tuesday night, I booked a train or bus ticket to a random city in Spain.

It just so happened that one of my friends from UD was traveling to Valencia for the weekend, so naturally I joined her and her friend.  The big deal was closed when I said I would call the hotel and ask for a Spanish roll away bed.  Done.

I took the AVE high speed train Friday morning and after a two hour nap, I woke up on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  It’s been pretty grey the past two weeks in Torrijos, so I knew the weather wasn’t be warm enough to swim in my bikini, but I’d be happy without having to wear my rain coat.  The other girls weren’t arriving till late afternoon, so I did a mini preview of the city to gather my bearings.  I saw La Ciudad de Bellas Artes; which is a trilogy of museums and modern architecture.  One building is an Arts and Sciences Museum filled with lots of interactive exhibits.  The second building is called Hemispheric; it’s a imax theater built into the ground with a semicircle screen.  The third complex is called Oceanografic; the aquarium.


After walking around the outside of the buildings, I headed towards the old historic district of the town.  I took the bus and got off when I was within eyeshot of the cathedral.  That’s my basic strategy for traveling by public bus, either get off when the majority of the people get off or wait to pass the monument and then ring the buzzer to get off.  The Cathedral was pretty but not nearly as large as some of the cathedrals I’ve seen in Spain so far. After some Paella Valenciana (rice dish with chicken and green beans), I hopped on the bus to the beach. It was around 70degrees outside so there was a token tourist in their bikini but it was pretty empty. I was just happy to walk along the sand in a tshirt and capris.

I met the girls at the hotel and headed out to eat. We went back to the historic district because that’s where most of the good restaurants are. After walking around a bit and climbing up these tower things: Torres de Serranos, we found a little tapas restaurant for dinner. We went to bed early so we could wake up early the next day for the museums.


Day 2: Museum Day.

First stop Aquarium. This is a total family attraction in Spain. To be honest, I think I was the oldest person there who wasn’t pushing a stroller or carrying a toddler. I still really thought it was cool and interesting. We even watched the dolphin show which was short but very fun! Next stop was the Arts and Science Museum, we walked around a bit and did some of the interactive expositions but we were conscious of the children behind us and we kindly let them go first. We had some more traditional Paella Valenciana, and this was much better than the other day. It was made especially for us. YUM. We ended the day by watching a documentary at the Hemispheric Theater and might have caught a few zzz because we weren’t really all that interested about stars and the universe.


Sunday morning we headed to the beach to catch some rays before an early afternoon train back home after a jam packed weekend where our fitbits almost exploded because we averaged 28,000 steps each day.



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