School has ended and that calls for vacation.  Naturally I picked one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain to visit.  White sand beaches, turquoise water, and cloudless skies–Cadiz, Spain is perfect.  A little bit about Cadiz.  It’s in the community of Andalucia in the south of Spain on the Atlantic ocean.  It is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has been through it’s fair share of attacks and changes that date back to Roman times.  Cadiz is an important port city in Spain and it’s where Christopher Columbus started his journey to the Americas.

I took the 4 hour train Friday morning with my friend Mia to the beach.  Train is one of my favorite forms of transportation, it’s relatively fast, more spacious than a bus, and cheaper than a plane.  We arrived in flip flops, shorts, t-shirts and backpacks ready to be dropped off at the hostel.  Within 10 minutes we had our swim suits on and were ready for lunch and then some beach time.

We went to a small beach near the old historic city center of Cadiz.  Here’s an observation from a foreigner: any beach in Spain is a topless beach if you want it to be.  Mia and I were a bit shocked the first time we went to Malaga and saw so many boobs.  (I’m trying to keep it PG-13).  We met some Spaniards and they actually told us that this was the smallest and ugliest beach in Cadiz.  HAH, I don’t think I’ve ever been to an ugly beach.  So after a full day of sun, we headed back to shower, apply aloe vera and get ready for dinner.  We picked a restaurant with some fresh fried fish and a television to watch Spain win their game in the Eurocopa soccer tournament.  We finished the night with some dancing and a few beers.

Saturday morning we grabbed some to-go food for lunch at the beach.  It was about a 45 minute walk from the hostel but worth the blisters on my feet.  It was something that they put on a travel brochure–beautiful.  Mia and I were too excited to jump into the water to cool off, but we were shocked when the water was ice cold.  Not just a refreshing cool water, but like I couldn’t stand in the water for more than 5 minutes because my toes were turning blue.  I guess I’ll have to come back in September when it’s had more time to warm up.  We had another full beach day, went back to the hostel, applied more aloe vera and headed out for dinner.  We found a great place right next to the cathedral for dinner and ice cream.  Mia and I finished the night with more dancing and drinks.  We called it an early night because we were back at the hostel by 6:00.



Sunday’s train ride was quiet and sleepy.  We arrived in Madrid for lunch at our favorite sandwich shop and parted our separate ways home.  It was a perfect beach weekend that I didn’t want to end.


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