The Spanish Wedding

It started off as a joke that I wanted to go to a Spanish wedding, but when one of the teachers at the school got engaged, it became a reality.  How lucky am I that I can check Spanish Wedding off my cultural bucket list?!  It was such an incredible night with all my colleagues at school and I’m so happy that I could share this day with the newlyweds.

So here’s a break down of the wedding day.

1:00pm Hair appointment.  Because everyone who goes to the wedding goes to their favorite hair stylist to get a nice up-do.

6:00pm Meet outside the church for the ceremony.  Take pictures (obviously) and give/receive immense amount of compliments.  Forget Paris Fashion Week, just go to a Spanish wedding.  People get dressed like they are going to the Oscars.  And those fancy little feather hats are worn for afternoon weddings, so I didn’t wear one.  Also don’t forget your paper fan, because old Spanish churches don’t have air.



Teachers and the bride on the right

6:30pm Ceremony starts.  Ceremony is very similar to ones in the US.  Bride walks in with father, everyone stands up.  Here are some differences: no bridesmaids or groomsmen.  The only people at the alter are the bride and groom and their respective parents.  And the final, “You may now kiss your wife” isn’t included.  A bit anti-climatic if you ask me.  The priest just said, you are now married.  Good thing I was paying attention or I would have missed it.

8:00pm Reception Hour and Tapas.  We all drove to a nearby farm where the reception was held.  Now I know what you’re thinking *a farm*???? Let me just say the bride is a granddaughter of the founder of Navidul Jamon and the reception was on their personal family farm.  Some of the pre-dinner tapas included JAMON, sushi, mini hamburgers, kebobs, grilled veggies, etc.  PS.) My future wedding will have a professional jamon cutter even if we have to import him and the ham from Spain. 🙂




wedding selfies with the bride and groom

10:00pm Dinner time.  We all went to our assigned tables and dinner was served.  Or more like we served our dinner.  It was a buffet station dinner where there were different tables set up to go get whatever you liked.  Stations included: soup, salad, cheese, fish, meat, pulpo (octopus), and dessert.  No big wedding cake like in the US, we could choose from an assortment of mousses and flans.

12pm-1am. I’ve actually lost track of time but it was probably around midnight when everyone made their way to the dance floor for dancing and more drinking.  I LOVE DANCING at weddings.  All the teachers grouped together and were goofing off doing silly dance moves.  I surprised all of them when I knew almost every Spanish song played.  And then I took control when Mambo no. 5 came on! We also had fun in the photo booth taking silly pics.

6:00am The sky is getting brighter and we are still dancing away.  The crowd has dwindled but they are going strong.  However my friend and I decided it was time to leave because we had blisters on our feet.  I heard later that some people stayed until 8:00am dancing!!  Spain knows how to party!


This was honestly one of the best nights here in Spain and a great way to wrap up my first year in Spain!


2 thoughts on “The Spanish Wedding

  1. ann says:

    What an ending that’s for sure!! It’s been wonderful to follow your adventure this year -I have enjoyed learning and experiencing Spain thru your blog so thank you!! Safe travels and see you in the USA!! love ya, aunt ann


  2. ann says:

    What an ending that’s for sure- so fun!! It’s been wonderful to see Spain thru your blog & adventures- thank you for sharing!! Safe travels and happy to see you soon in the USA!!
    Love ya, aunt ann


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