Corpus Christi

Toledo is a very historic city in Spain, it’s also the best place to be to celebrate Corpus Christi.  This festival takes place in late May/early June and is another celebration of Christ.  More specifically without Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny-just Jesus.  The historic center of Toledo is where all the action happens.  Decorations go up months in advance and concerts, parades, and other things happen the week before and the week after.  So basically a month long celebration.  (typical Spain).

I clearly had 3 days off school so I spent the holiday at Mia’s apartment to see all the action.

We went to her old host family’s house to watch the procession because they lived on the path and we could watch it from above.  AKA the best seats in the house.  It’s not as intense as the processions for Easter but the main attraction is the golden alter piece.  It’s recently been restored and this was the grand reveal.  After a huge lunch, we headed out to look at the Patios Toledanos.  This is a demonstration throughout the historic town of the gorgeous apartment patios.  There is a competition to win the most beautiful patio.  The entrances were decorated with flowers and in some there were even some musicians to greet the guests.

We finished the weekend by heading up to the rock.  It’s a giant rock where you get the best view of Toledo.  We brought some picnic snacks and just enjoyed a beautiful day in a beautiful country.



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