Once upon a time four years ago in my Spanish class I did a project on the Spanish autonomous community of Andalucia.  I vividly remember talking about Malaga and the Costa del Sol where it’s sunny approximately 364 days a year.  So when Mia and I had a free weekend, we headed to see if it’s what I remember from my presentation.  This weekend was also a super budget friendly beach trip, under 100€ for transportation, accommodation, and food.

So we took the budget friendly bus option for a leisurely 6 hour bus ride through Spain.  It went by pretty quickly and we woke up from our naps with a view of the sea.  Malaga is on the Mediterranean Sea for those of you who are geographically challenged (cough cough mom).  We checked in to our air b&b and our host gave us some recommendations about things to see in town.  Our only question was “where is the beach? and how do we get there?” Malaga has great things to see in the historic center of the city because it’s the home of Pablo Picasso but our main priority was the beach.  We headed to a little restaurant where they sell homemade food but packaged perfectly for taking it to the beach.  Our host kinda laughed when we asked about the beach because he said it was a little cloudy and chilly.  I think we saw 4 clouds in the sky and it was roughly 75-80 degrees.  Clearly his view of perfect beach weather is a bit biased from living in paradise.

Friday night we headed into town to get some dinner and drinks.  Lots of fried fish and very very cheap!

I wish I could say we did something special on Saturday but we spent the entire day laying on the beach.  We tried going in the water a few times but that was literally freezing.  It was a perfect beach day.  Saturday night we headed back into town for dinner.  We called it an early night because our bus left early the next morning.

There’s really nothing more annoying than waiting to get home after a trip.  It’s always a long day of buses or trains and then more buses and trains to get back home.  But this bus ride was an all time new low for Spain.  Here are the highlights:  a man sleeping and snoring loudly for the entire six hour trip.  NOT JOKING.  Like the kind of snoring where it sounds like he forgets to breathe and then snores super loudly.  The movie they played froze halfway through.  So if anyone knows what happens in the second part of the movie Hercules with Dwayne the Rock Johnson, let me know.  And the most baffling thing was when I heard a “clip…clip” sound.  I look to Mia and I’m glad she hears the same thing.  We turn towards the back of the bus and kiddy corner to us is a man clipping his fingernails.  !!!!! Spain you never fail to surprise me.

Thanks Malaga for a great beach weekend and a start for my summer tan.




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