Feria de Abril

So Spain should write a book on festivals.  Or maybe that’s what I’ll do this summer with some free time 😉

Feria de Abril is one of the biggest festivals in Sevilla and other parts of Spain try to compete.  It’s even so popular that snapchat had a sponsored story to share photos! It normally takes place two weeks after Semana Santa (Holy Week). {yes this post is a bit delayed} Well I spent that weekend in Huecas, a small Pueblo–nowhere near the size of the one in Sevilla but we all have to start somewhere.  It’s a big block party with all your neighbors, friends, and family.  There are dancers that put on a traditional Flamenco show and lots of food and drinks.  Is there ever a shortage of food or alcohol at a Spanish party?! No..the answer is no.

Here are some necessary things for Feria:

Vestido de Flamenco.  From the opinions of my mother and sister, it’s a very cultural and southern Andalusian thing that’s not for everyone.  But for me…YES! I decided this was going to be my souvenir from Spain and now it’s mine.  I bought mine in Jaen, Andalucia when we visited Ana’s daughter.  These vary in prices and patterns.  They can cost anywhere up to €1000 if you get one custom made.  The polka dots are very traditional and some dresses are even made with patterned fabric.  I wanted something that was simple and not too flashy but still traditional.  I imagine what I felt when I tried it on is what brides feel like when they find their wedding dress.  It fit like a glove and my smile stretched from ear to ear.  The dress might need its own plane ticket for the ride home.

Flower in hair.  Book your hair appointment in advance to make sure that you look the part.  More traditional is to have it at the top of your head but I thought I looked too much like a plant, so I convinced Sebastian (the hair dresser) to put it towards the bottom of my head.  More vine-like, less flower-like.  I’m not Cindy Loo Who from the Grinch.


Horses.  Yeah Huecas is very small..very small but some men from a neighboring town brought their horses for kids to ride and for me to pose for photos.  Priorities.

This was one of my favorite weekends because it was the start of spring.  Also dressing up, dancing, and drinking.  What else could I need?


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