Spanish Songs

What better way to integrate into a new culture than by learning their favorite songs?

It’s pretty cool to finish the lyrics to a song a student is humming in class (si neceista regatton…dale.). Here are some classics songs that you should learn to fit right in at the bar…or some new songs to add to your fav playlist.

Classic Hits

  1. Mayonesa, by Chocolate .  So America sings about how to do the hokey pokey, Spain sings about how to beat mayonnaise.  This dance party hit has some awesome moves so learn that choreography.
  2. Saturday Night, by Whigfield. This is a classic hit sure to get the whole bar dancing. If you had to compare it to a US song, it would be the cha-cha slide. These moves are a bit more difficult but well worth it to learn. Shout out to Yoli for teaching me after the Faculty Christmas dinner.
  3. Ave Maria, by David Bisbal. No not the song you hear at church, this David Bisbal hit is a classic upbeat song. Also if I ever do spanish karaoke, this would be my choice.
  4. Viva la noche, by Ainhoa. Another super upbeat song that just makes you want to dance. FYI, there’s no choreographed dance to this one, just wing it.
  5. Todos los dias sale el sol, by Bongo Botrako. EYY CHIPIRON. Sing this song at the top of your lungs with your friends dancing and jumping around in a circle.
  6. Don Diablo, by Miguel Bose. I heard this song at the Spanish wedding and everyone knew all the words. So my homework project this summer has been trying to memorize all the lyrics.
  7. Pasado pisado, by Comando Tiburon.. Y ME DEJASTE {and you left me}. This is the ultimate break up song about how awesome your life is now.
  8. Zapatillas, by El Canto de Loco.  My friends were flipando when I knew all the lyrics to this song. My secret: I shazam songs, then look them up, and listen to them until I know all the words.
  9. Sueño su boca, by Raul. ISO (in search of) a really hot spainard who will dance with me while this song plays.
  10. Levantando las manos, by El simbolo. This sounds like something from a kids movie but young and old love dancing to this song. More easy choreography to learn.


Flamenco is definitely an acquired taste for anyone who wasn’t brought up listening to it.  Here are some that have become mainstream and are very popular.

Now I haven’t had time to take any flamenco dancing lessons but I’ve picked up a few basics.  1.  Get the clap right.  Practice, practice, practice.  2. The hands.  Take one hand at a time and pretend you are picking an apple from a tree, then pretend to take a bite, then pretend to gracefully throw it away.  BAM, flamenco dancer.

  1. A mi manera, by El Barrio.
  2. Por eso te canto, by ErPeche & Azahara
  3. Volare, cantare, by the Gypsy Kings
  4. Vino Tinto, by Estopa.  (Also I highly recommend seeing them in concert, they were fantastic!)
  5. Bamboleo, by Raya Real.


Current Hits.

  1. Picky, by Joey Montana.  Very annoying to many, by my personal favorite song of the summer.  My friends changed the chorus to “demised Gabby Gabby Gabby”.
  2. Cómo te Atreves, by Morat. Gracias Maria for sharing this song with me! It’s a really fun song to sing along to.  We actually sat in a parked car to finish listening to it.  True story.
  3. Baila conmigo, by Juan Magan.  I’m sure my students singing this song is their way of practicing english this summer.  It has about 4 lines in English.
  4. Duele el Corazon, by Enrique Iglesias.  Oh Enrique, YES.
  5. Mi corazón, by Xriz.  Try to not dance to this song, I dare you.




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