La Sementera

Another year, another fería. Check out this cute promotional video-all filming is done in my town.

It’s a celebration in the whole town from Wednesday through Sunday. The Sementera is an old festival tradition in Torrijos. Today, people come from neighboring towns to enjoy afternoon beers and late night concerts. Families bring their kids to the fairgrounds to ride the attractions and eat some salchi-papas. In the old days, I like to think that people traveled on their horses to Torrijos to visit friends and family and similar to today, share a beer. I also think they had other motives like buying supplies for their farms or more livestock. Now the only things you can buy are pitardos (firecrackers), cheap toys, and counterfeit Nike shoes and fake Prada purses.

Wednesday is the first day of the celebration and it starts with the coronation of the town queen. PSA: She’s 15 and in one of my English classes. It’s a pretty big honor to get crowned or to be one of the accompanying ladies. My friends said they would nominate me for 2017 Torrijos Town Queen. The campaign starts now.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday all have a pretty similar agenda. Sleep in, because there is no school! 1:30pm Meet up with friends in the main plaza for afternoon beers. €1 bottles!!! Then grab a sandwich for lunch from one of the tents set up around the square. Enjoy the afternoon listening to some music, catching up with friends, and of course–drinking beer. The brave stay in the square all day and all night. Some (cough, cough, me) go back to their apartments around 7:00pm, take a quick nap, maybe a shower to refresh, and head back out! Grab another sandwich for dinner and switch to coctails. Mojitos are the big thing in Spain. I prefer a classic, vodka-lemonade. You can take the girl out of college, but you can’t take the college-age-appropriate drinks out of the girl. There’s a concert in the main square for the adult crowd. In the fairground area, there is a giant party for the adolescents. I didn’t dare step foot over there because on Monday my kids would have never let me live it down.

And yes, you must be thinking that publically drinking all day in the town square might give your students a bad idea. I thought the same thing last year until a student bought a round of teachers some drinks. The key for Spanish drinking is patience. We aren’t pounding shots at the bar and a few beers a day just might keep the doctor away. That’s the saying, right?!

Special shoutout to my friends this weekend (JF&S) who always made sure my stomach was full and I always had a cold drink to cool off with. They are some of the nicest people I’ve met here and I am so thankful for these wonderful friends.


One thought on “La Sementera

  1. Víctor says:

    The roots of La Sementera are the days that the farmers start to seed, and this “break” is like a reminder. Nowadays, we start to seed in other dates, but all are around La Sementera.


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