Munich, Germany

I have nothing but incredible things to say about Munich. There is so much to see in and around the city that I will be heading back again to see more.

I had approximately 1.5 days in Munich and fully intended on jamming as much into those 30 hours as possible. I arrived Friday morning and dropped bags off at the hostel and made my way to the center. My friend, April, and I realized that we came one week too early because they were just finishing setting up all the Christmas decorations and market stands. It was still pretty to see them setting things up with lights and Christmas decorations. We are very excited for a future trip in Germany in the beginning of December where the Christmas spirit will be in full swing!! I love Christmas and I think Germany is such a magical place to see the Christmas spirit and holiday cheer.

Friday afternoon I took a free walking tour with Sandeman’s tour company. I really didn’t know this company existed but I’m really looking forward to using this tour again in the future. We went on a 3 hour walking tour of the city with a very knowledgeable guide. Small world moment: she’s from Chicago and her dad worked in Palatine!! The tour was great and I learned so much! Dad—I’m basically taking an immersion course in AP European history, I love it!

A couple of the highlights:

Funny stories that the guide told us.  Now, I’m not sure how credible these stories are.  Be warned

Peterskirche: St. Peter’s church.  An Italian girl’s skeleton was used to consecrate the church. Girls and women go to the church to pray to Miriam (98% sure that’s her name) and ask to find love. Men stand at the exit of the church and pick up girls by saying that God sent them there. HAH (pictured below)


Frauenkirch. This church was completely destroyed after the war sans the two bell towers. According to local legend the devil appeared to the architect and proposed a deal. Make a church with no windows so the God’s light can’t come in, and the church will be built in record time (under 20 years). The architect did put windows in the church but standing at the back of the church it looks like there are no windows because the columns hide them. The devil stepped into the church and his footprint is marked in the concrete. And I found evidence of this on the internet so it must be true 🙂


Series of beer saving Munich::

Alter Hof: Prince’s nursery. This little tower is where part of Prince Ludwig’s nursery was. The prince had a pet monkey and one day the monkey picked up the child. The monkey ran up the tower and was hanging from the roof with the young prince. How do you make the monkey come down carefully without hurting the prince and future ruler of Bavaria? Since bananas are uncommon at this time in history, the closes thing you have is beer that smells like bananas. They brought a big barrel of banana flavored beer to have the child returned to safety. Beer saves the prince of Munich.


Munich was under Swiss control in during the 1600’s. After many years of peaceful obedience. Munich asked the Swiss to leave. Switzerland asked for a large sum of money and since Munich only could come up with a small portion of the outrageous price, they paid in liquid gold–beer. Beer saves the people of Munich.

Again, I’m not sure how reliable these stories are, but I think they really enhance some of the darker history that Munich has seen.
Hofbrau house. Duke Wilhelm didn’t like the beer that was being brewed so he commissioned a different brew that became the famous Hofbrauhaus. When the Hofbrauhaus was first built, there were no bathrooms. EW! People went out into the street to pee in the ditch in the middle of the street. They eventually changed this because people were getting upset because they lost their seat when they got up. However this change was for the worse. They installed pools below the tables so people could simultaneously get rid of the liquid they were drinking. Good luck getting that picture out of your mind! Update: they now have normal bathrooms with real plumbing.


Other things I saw:
New Rathaus and Marienplatz:  Current town hall and town square.


Old Rathaus.  This is where Joseph Goebbels gave the speech that is known as the prelude for Kristallnacht.


In conclusion, I saw all Munich has to offer but there is so much to see in the surrounding areas. I would like to go back and take a day trip to both Dauchau and Neuschwanstein castle. Munich is also a great city to train to other countries in Central Europe. April and I took a day trip to Salzburg, Austria to do the Sound of Music tour. Read my next blog for the details!


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