Sound of Music

Call me a grandma or an old soul but I had to do the Sound of Music tour while I was in Europe. It was on the top of my list! Thank god that my good travel friend April also had Sound of Music on her list of “favorite things”.

We took an early train from Munich to Salzburg to chase the sunrise. A 19€ ticket and a comfortable 2 hour ride with wifi. What more could you ask for in Europe? Not much other than good weather. We weren’t that lucky. Forecast showed continual sun for weeks but one day of rain and clouds, what day? Saturday. We came with raincoats and umbrellas in hand to not let anything get in our way.

We hopped on the Sound of Music Tour bus with big decals and stickers! The cheesier, the better!! I showed my true tourist colors that day and tried to recreate all the iconic scenes or pictures from the film. If they ever filmed a “remake of the movie” I might give Julie Andrews a run for her money. 🙂


We had the cutest little tour guide who guided us in song throughout Salzburg. We stopped at various times to get out and see locations used in the film.

The lake where they fell in the water.

Did you know that little Grettel almost drowned?! Julie Andrews was supposed to hold on to her but she accidentally fell off the other side and couldn’t get to her in time. They also used the backside of this house in front of the lake for the film and the backyard to film multiple scenes.

We drove past the front of the yellow house that they used for the front of the house. We stopped in a park where Julie Andrews sang “I have confidence”. I tried to recreate it as best as I could.

We saw the glass gazebo. It’s now in a random park because it was getting too many tourist visitors near the house by the lake. Unfortunately you can’t enter to sing “16 going on 17” but you can do your best “I’m 16, naive, and in love pose right outside it”.


Then we stopped to take some scenic pictures that weren’t directly in the film. Just imagine the view of the clouds were gone and you could see the top of the mountains. Ugh I want to go back to Salzburg already.


We then drove up to the church where they filmed the wedding scene. We had some free time to walk around this super cute little town, take pictures, eat apple strudel, and buy Sound of Music souvenirs.


Our last stop was at the gardens where they filmed parts of Do Re Me. At this point it started to rain so Ana wished us goodbye, farewell, auf wiedersen.


I have absolutely ZERO complaints about this tour and I would recommend this to everyone and their mother, brother or father. If anything, we could have sang more. She did have a lot of information to share when we were driving to the different locations. We had a couple sing alongs to the most popular ones. I only shed one tear when we were singing “My favorite things”.

We spent the rest of the rainy day walking around the town and ducking in and outside of shops to do some shopping! I loved everything about this full packed day and would do it again in a heartbeat.


The hills are ALIVE with the Sound of Music


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