Toulouse, France

If you asked me two months ago where Toulouse was, I’d probably respond “Hmm central Europe?”  FYI it’s in the south of France, right above the Spanish border.  But April and I found roundtrip plane tickets for 26€ so we decided to stop on over.  Why not?!  Actually a lot of the teachers from school raved about it, so I was pretty excited for my first weekend trip of 2017.

I arrived early Friday morning and April had to work a half day so I told her I’d get the lay of the land before she arrived.  Not much land to see, to be honest.  I headed to the center and saw the main plaza, then walked to the river.  I stopped in some cathedrals, very pretty.  Now looking at the pictures, I don’t remember how to distinguish them.  (That happens to me a lot and to write my post I have to google the church to match the name to the pictures)

I kept walking walking walking until lunchtime.  I had a warm ham and cheese sandwich on half a loaf of bread.  Oh I forgot to mention I ate half a baguette for breakfast.  This was not the trip to work on the 2017 less carbs new years resolution.  🙂

I felt like after 7 miles of walking and 6 hours, I had seen everything Toulouse had to offer. I headed to the hotel to rest and wait for April.  Oh and then I booked us a car pool to Andorra for the following day to go skiing.  See next post for my review of the Pyrenees and how I will never go skiing again.


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