Another Czech off the bucket list: Prague.

PSA: I will be trying to include as many Prague/Czech Republic puns as possible in this post.

This was a very quick but necessary weekend trip to a dream destination of mine.  I’d love to go back in the future and hope for better weather to see more of Prague’s beauty.

Let’s start with the plane ride.  Remember the 8th ring of Dante’s hell that was our Berlin plane ride? This was the 9th level.  We flew Czech Air and I will double czech before ever booking with them again.  The take off was more shaky and had more ups and down than a roller coaster.  3 long hours later, we arrived in Prague.  There was applause because we made it in one piece.  I’m usually not a fan of clapping when landing, but it was a true miracle that we still had all the tires on the plane and the wings were still attached to the plane.

After getting all settled at our super cool hostel, we headed out to dinner and get a quick view of the city.  It was cold and foggy, so we couldn’t see much, but the forecast called for a sunny Saturday morning-we were happy.  We called it an early night to rest up for a full day of tourism.

We were Prague Super-Tourists.  3 different tours in one day.  We started out with a walking tour of the city, then a Prague Castle tour, and ended the day with a beer tour.  We had the cutest and best tour guide for the first two tours-Andrea was a real Czechoslovakian, equal parts of her family are from Czech Republic and Slovakia! How cool!! It was so interesting to hear her stories about communist life and changing times.  April and I lucked out with sunny skies to start the day with the walking tour, but by the end, the clouds rolled in and our feet were cold.  After lunch we took the second tour to the Prague Castle.  This was interesting because I was expecting a castle, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  It’s like a little village of different buildings, cathedrals, and museums. I suggest czeching out the history on your own time because like the views we saw, I’m still a little foggy on the history.  Everything is very intertwined with the Hapsburg Dynasty that I learned about in Vienna.  I have some good reading material for the future.

After a long day out in the cold, we headed inside 3 different bars to try 3 different beers.  We had a really fun group of 10 people and 1 loser tour guide.  Our 3 hour tour turned into all night out at a nightclub with bottle service.  When in Prague!!  It was the most random group of study abroad girls, German-Americans, and a Romanian, but it was a night I’ll remember forever!

Two days wasn’t nearly enough time in the city and I’d love to do another combo-trip with Vienna and Budapest in the future.



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