Loving life

Just a few random, thankful thoughts for the week.

Everyone makes such a big deal about February 14, but I try to focus on surrounding myself with loved ones and reminding them of their importance every day. This past week was really lovely, and showed me how much I appreciate the people in my life.

It started Sunday with some friends for afternoon beers, a delicious lunch, and a cozy movie afternoon. Days like this just warm my heart. It’s something so simple, nothing more than some snacks watching a movie in friends’ living room and I feel like I’m at home. Very special thanks to Marga and Pepe for giving me a “family day” that started out a great week.

The kids I privately tutor are the best part of my job. These families have welcomed me into their homes with love and lots of food. They are more than just students, they really are family. The cutest thing was the giant bear hug from Santi after missing a few days of class.

And finally, I have some really great friends here. A few teachers and I went to a movie and I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a movie experience so much. It was the appetizers before the film, the whispered commentary during, and the final discussion after which made it a perfect night. Mireya and Yoli, you two are gems and possibly the funniest people I’ve ever met.

Just a snapshot of my day to day life and a lot of things to be thankful for. Big hugs and kisses from Spain


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