I’ve been a little quiet around the blog world but I’ve still been busy in Spain.

Here are some highlights from March so far.

Spanish dinner with friends.
Yoli invited some teachers over to her house for dinner. Typical Spanish dinner doesn’t start until 9:30-10:00pm and we stayed chatting around the table for hours even after finishing the meal. Then we went out to the bar for a few drinks and some dancing. We didn’t end up staying out too late. I was back in bed by 3:30am! It was a really nice night hanging out with friends and just catching up.


Field trip.
I went to El Escorial with the 9th graders from school for a full day field trip. We started out at El Escorial which is an old palace and current monastery and school. I’ll do a separate future post about it. I think my favorite part was tricking my students and telling them that I didn’t understand what the Spanish guide was saying. This way some of the kids practiced English and tried to explain things to me. Some didn’t believe me and then I said my Spanish skills only work outside the school haha! I actually learned so much from the tour and I hope the kids did too!

Then we went to a shopping mall for lunch. Kids got free time to eat wherever they wanted and the teachers went to VIPS. VIPS is a Spanish restaurant that markets selling “American food”. I didn’t dare try the ‘Chicago style pizza’. Spain stick to what you’re good at–Spanish food. Then we dropped the kids off at “Snow Zone” to play in the snow for 3 hours. This is an indoor snow hill where the kids did various snow activities with monitors. Seriously field trips in Spain are the best because they usually go to places where monitors take over and lead the kids. It was hilarious to see the kids all bundled up in snow pants, gloves and jackets. It was some of the kids first time playing in snow! The teachers and I watched from the glass windows however we went inside for one quick photo. After snow time, the kids got an hour to roam around the mall. It was funny to see how some just wanted to get food, some wanted to shop, and others just sat in the lounge area. Then we all headed back to Torrijos around 9:00pm.

I went down to Jaén to visit Ana, her daughter Silvia and her grandkids. We did a little touring around the city and a lot of eating. Haha! Saturday we had a big lunch with family and then we went out to tapas for dinner. Yes you can find tapas everywhere in Spain, but they’re especially great in Andalucía. We went to 3 different bars and got six different tapas each. Order one beer, get a big portion of food. Sounds good to me!! Sunday we toured the Arabic Baths that are now a small museum about history. Then we ate lunch and drove up the mountain to see the castle. We had incredible weather and it was so nice to see such a great view.

This weekend I’m headed to Mallorca for some beach time. Unfortunately it looks like it’s going to rain the whole weekend. No pasa nada. I’m sure I’ll find things to do to keep myself occupied.


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